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With 1Tool you can manage your projects effectively. The platform offers an intuitive interface that allows you to organize tasks, track progress, and improve team communication. Built-in project planning, document management, and reporting capabilities make collaboration easier and increase efficiency.

From now on there are new settings for the 1Tool Projects:

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0:00 We have the project settings in 1Tool completely revised. You can find these settings under Organization, Projects and Settings. And these settings have four different areas.

0:12 General settings where you can, for example, define the number format, for example when a new project is created. The year, the current one, is always used and then the current project number.

0:24 You can also wait for the last project number here. The system counts up, but you can override this. You can also define the name here so that the name of the project is automatically created from the customer name and comes out of the project number from the address and

0:41 You have further setting options, for example allowing overbooking of a project budget and other settings. With the categories you can define which categories of projects you have.

0:56 We have, for example 1Tool-App programming as a category. You can define which view is loaded. So depending on the project, there are different views you can create.

1:08 That means it may be that a 1Tool-Project, for example, has different fields and other properties like an app project. You can also define categories for this project such as which phases this project consists of, which you can simply select here.

1:26 With the phases you can generally define which phases there are in the projects, are there surveys about them, what color does a phase have and from the other side also which categories does this phase apply to?

1:39 You can also set that certain standard folders are created for each project, for example. For us, for example, it would be design and implementation, which means that whenever a new project is created, these two folders are automatically created.