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Each of us works with checklists. It doesn't matter whether it's just the shopping list or a packing list for a trip, or a surgical checklist that is checked after an operation so that no tools are left in the patient's body and thus has already saved lives. So we thought

1Tool now offers functions in the “Checklist & Inspection” area

With the 1Tool tasks module you now have the option of creating checklists directly in a task.

Unnecessarily long sentences and descriptions in tasks can confuse and distract from the essentials, so we have our tasks in the 1tool CRM extended with checklists.

This checklist offers you the following advantages:

  • you don't forget anything important
  • it saves time
  • they provide an overview of the essential points to be completed in the respective task
  • they are important helpers and serve to increase efficiency

Here is a short video where you can see how easy the checklist is to use.

You can activate this feature in your CRM under: Settings > Organization > Tasks > Views

Simply edit the view you have set there and drag the "Checklist" field in the columns to the desired position and save.

Have fun and success with it!