The new 1Tool App version 4.1.0 is now available!

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The updated one 1Tool App for Android, iOS and MacOS brings numerous improvements in the areas of time tracking, contacts, invoices and bug fixes.

Time recording

  • If more than 6 hours are recorded at once, the 1Tool app to be removed before lunch break. If this is confirmed, a lunch break will automatically be deducted.
  • Team leaders can now view the recorded times of their employees for whom they have recorded times themselves.
  • Time recording entries that have already been created can now be edited.
  • An error message is now displayed when attempting to create another time tracking entry for the same period.
  • Bug fix when restarting an existing time tracking entry.
  • When recording time via QR code, times can now be booked directly into projects and tasks.
  • Selecting a project now shows the associated tasks directly in order to book working time specifically for a task.
  • After starting a working time recording via QR code, you will be redirected directly to the dashboard so that you can keep track of it and stop time recording.

More new features

  • Introduction of the new “Documents” module with the option to download documents 1Tool.
  • Graphical optimization of the menu with better space management between menu items.
  • Integration of authentication via NFC card.
  • Creation of incoming invoices with the ability to upload documents.

Optimizations and bug fixes

  • General optimization so that only changes in contact updates are transferred and not the entire contact record (for better performance and security).
  • Bug fixes when editing contacts and viewing custom fields for contacts.
  • Bug fix when entering and editing calendar entries.

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