Optimizing sales processes – The new 1Tool App version is here!

1Tool | New 1Tool App Version

"Boost your sales velocity!"

The new 1Tool Version 3.03 of the app for Android, iOS and MacOS has been released. The new version focuses in particular on accelerating sales activities so that your sales staff can work much more efficiently when they are on the go.

From now on, offers can be sent even more easily via the 1Tool be created. Already during the presentation of your offer, you select the desired products or services together with the customer. Your customer can then sign the corresponding offer directly in the app. This accelerates your negotiation processes and also makes the sales process significantly more efficient overall. By being able to offer directly in the 1Tool By writing an app, sales reps can create and send quotes anytime, anywhere, without relying on a computer or laptop. In addition, your employees can use the app to see at a glance how many pieces of individual products are in stock, if you do that too 1Tool merchandise management module have activated.

Sales-based discounts:
Now supported 1Tool sales-based discounts. This helps to automate and simplify the process of creating and managing discounts. The 1Tool CRM software can thus calculate and apply discounts based on certain sales totals or purchase volumes.

Discount per employee:
With the new app version, you can easily define for each employee how much customer discount they can give as an additional bonus when creating an order. This allows your sales staff to react flexibly to every customer and act freely within a given scope of action.

Available now

You have the 1Tool App not yet in use? Then download the latest version in the Google Play Store or App Store now and manage your entire business on the go!

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