Tiler sits down 1Tool

1Tool | Tiler 1tool

Tiles Adi from Leibnitz is now focusing on efficiency and precision in customer management, order management and work distribution through the integration of 1Tool as new CRM system. With this advanced software, customer information is systematically managed, orders are created professionally and tasks are specifically distributed to the tilers.

The seamless integration of the Time tracking function makes it possible to precisely record working times on construction sites. This leads to transparent and accurate billing for all construction projects. By using 1Tool Tiles Adi not only optimizes its operational processes, but also increases the efficiency and quality of its services.

The CRM system offers a user-friendly interface that allows the Tile Adi team to maintain customer contacts, manage communications and have all relevant information in one central location. Jobs can be coordinated effectively and progress on construction sites can be tracked in real time. This enables faster response to customer requests and more precise planning of resources.

The time recording function not only makes it easier to accurately bill the hours worked, but also makes it possible to identify bottlenecks or excess capacity at an early stage and act accordingly. This leads to better resource planning and an increase in the overall efficiency of the company.

With the decision for 1Tool As a CRM system, Tiles Adi relies on a modern and comprehensive solution that not only simplifies administrative tasks, but also helps to increase customer satisfaction and strengthen competitiveness in the market.