Time recording of the 1Tool App even easier

1Tool | 1Tool Time recording

1Toolapp, time tracking is now even easier.

The 1Tool-App offers a start/stop function that allows you to accurately record times for yourself and your employees like a stopwatch. It is also possible to enter times manually. This makes time recording particularly flexible and user-friendly.

We have the new time tracking in the following video Dashboard of the 1Tool App briefly summarized:


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The mobile time recording from 1Tool offers numerous advantages:

  • Flexibility: Employees can record time from anywhere, ideal for remote work or field workers.
  • real-time tracking: Times are recorded immediately, meaning current working times and project costs can be accessed at any time.
  • Error reduction: Automatic capture minimizes human errors in manual data entry.
  • increase in efficiency: Time-consuming manual recording is eliminated, increasing productivity.
  • Calibration: Accurate billing and payroll can be created through precise time measurement.
  • Transparency: Employers and employees have clear insights into working hours and project effort.
  • Cost control: Mobile time tracking helps manage project budgets and identify overtime.
  • Legal compliance: It helps with compliance with working time laws and regulations.
  • Reporting: Easily create reports and analyzes to optimize work processes.
  • customer focus: For service companies, it offers transparent and professional billing to customers.

Overall, mobile time tracking improves 1Tool work organization, saves time and increases accuracy when tracking working hours and projects.