1Tool? 1team!

We are always looking for motivated employees. 

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Why 1Tool Team?

Why? Fun at work. Purposeful leadership. And: we want to conquer the world. The digital world of business tools.

Personal development

We try to make everyone the best version of themselves. We give you the freedom you need and still the leadership that is necessary.

fair salary

We offer a fair salary. performance related. There is not much more to say about it.

Top Features

We are convinced that every employee should be given the best possible equipment so that they can perform at their best.

Home Office

We offer 2 home office days per week. And you can also at home 1Tool work. With 1Tool.


Yes. you read correctly We have 3 bee colonies. Over 60.000 work colleagues, so to speak. And these busy bees produce the best honey. So good that it has won an award.

Sparkling wine

You have to celebrate the festivals as they come. How many software companies do you know that have planted their own company vineyard? We have a. And it grows on this vineyard 1Tool Wine.