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You can do this to get an even better overview of your tasks and to-dos 1Tool Use Board's module. You can find it under Organization – Boards.

1Tool | boards

Working with boards

You can create a new board by clicking the button "Create a new board" click. Then enter the name of your board and add board.

1Tool | create new board

On the board overview page you can see all your created boards. For a better overview, you can change the background color of each individual board. To do this, click on the three dots on the right in the desired board and click on "change color" or if a board is to be deleted, just click "Archive board" . click

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Create new phase

  1. By clicking the button "boards" you get back to the overview page.
  2. With the button "Create new phase..." you can create your desired phases of each individual board.
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As soon as you have created your desired phases, you can start working with them.

At each stage you have the option to "Add" to click. Here you can create a link to existing tasks or create a new task or a new note.

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Create new task

  1. Enter the desired title for your task.
  2. Here you have to directly link the task to a project, opportunity, contact or order. Provided the project, opportunity, contact or order has already been created.
  3. You can also assign the task to a colleague. To do this, you must select the desired person under "Task for".
  4. In the last larger field you can enter a detailed description of the task.

Then select the desired storage variant and you have already created your task.

1Tool | Screenshot 2023 01 04 at 13.41.40:XNUMX:XNUMX

Create new note

You can create a note at

  1. enter a title for the note and
  2. a deadline with a date and
  3. assign time.

You can also enter an exact description of your note and then select one of the three storage variants.

1Tool | Screenshot 2023 01 04 at 13.44.01:XNUMX:XNUMX

Link existing task

You can link an existing task directly on boards, go to "Link" and then enter the desired ticket number or the name of the task. You will now see a selection and can then select the corresponding task.

1Tool | link arrow
1Tool | link task

Edit the task

There is a pen at the top right of the task. You can click on this to edit the task. After that you go "Details".

1Tool | Screenshot 2020 08 03 at 14.45.09:XNUMX:XNUMX

In the detailed view you can (1.) assign the task to another colleague. To do this, you simply have to double-click on the name and then the assignment can be changed. By clicking on the (2nd) arrow you can edit the task in the task view. You can find out how to mark a task as done here.

1Tool | edit task boards

Move note or task to another stage

You can easily move the task or note from one phase to another by clicking on the title of the task so that the mouse pointer changes. Now hold it down - a striped background will appear under the task. Now drag the task/note into another phase until this striped background also appears here and then stop pressing the mouse.

1Tool | move task scaled