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Once again we have other ideas for the 1Tool- Come up with further development. And the result is something to be proud of: Controlled customer surveys, perfectly planned newsletter campaigns, optimized applicant management - we present the new one to you 1Tool Version 3.3.16!



survey series

Surveys could already be done easily and quickly 1Tool can be created for your employees or customers. With the new version 3.3.16, however, these can also be set up as a series. A survey series offers the possibility to send surveys on specific topics to contacts according to a defined schedule and to determine their validity at the push of a button.

polls series

You create a survey series under Master Data - Organization - Survey Series, by first generating a survey series and then adding the individual, previously created surveys. Then you determine the validity and via the "Survey postponement" field when the survey should be sent out - if there is a "0" in the field, it will be sent immediately, otherwise the dispatch is always calculated from the respectively defined start date of the survey.

Please note that for sending out surveys by email, you always have to mail template Select "Surveys" and create them in advance!

So that you can now determine which contacts receive which survey series, add the Module "Contact Survey" add, select the appropriate series and start it. Received surveys and the respective participation status are then visible for each of your contacts.

like you one create a single poll, you can find out in our manual.



create tasks

With the new 1Tool Version 3.3.16 you can now also manually define and change the creator of a task. So if you create a new task or edit it later, offers you 1Tool the possibility also the field "Created by" to edit yourself.

create tasks


Task overview

As already mentioned in the last newsletter, the entire layout of the task overview has been optimized. In order to maintain clarity, longer task names are now included ellipsis (…) shortened. However, so that you can see the entire description without having to go to the detailed view, a so-called tooltip field opens as soon as you move the mouse over the task name.

Task overview



Time tracking type

In order to optimize time recording, the field "type" taken out. If you book times for a specific project and a task, it is automatically clear that this is normal working time. Vacation, half-day vacation, special vacation or compensatory time can now be easily entered in the field "Task" be entered.

Time tracking type



campaign management

The new 1Tool Version 3.3.16 now also improves the success of your newsletter mailings. About one of your own campaign management Similar to the surveys, you can bundle several newsletters into one campaign and determine their dispatch date at the push of a button. The advantage over conventional newsletter dispatch lies on the one hand in the automatic dispatch of an entire campaign, on the other hand these campaigns can also be selected for individual and very specific contacts.

campaign management

At the nuclear Contact detail view a separate button is available for adding a contact to a campaign. Another possibility is the contact search - filter and mark your desired contacts and then click on the button "Add - Newsletter Campaign", the respective action.

You can find out how to create a campaign under Marketing – Campaign Management by first creating a campaign and then adding individual newsletters that have already been saved.


Opportunity Source

So that you can also measure the impact of your newsletter campaigns on your sales opportunities, you will see a dot in the "Source" field when you create a new sales opportunity or edit it later "Newsletter Campaign" to disposal. You can also define exactly which campaign the customer became aware of. In this way, you can not only continuously optimize your mailings, but also sustainably improve your controlling.

mystery sale opportunity



Mail Templates

In applicant administration, it was possible to send previously defined mail templates (e.g. rejections, acceptances, keeping records, etc.) to the respective applicant at the touch of a button. With the new one 1Tool Another button was added to the new version, which also allows mail to be sent to the main contact of the respective project. In addition, all documents that have been added to this project can also be sent to the respective main contact.

mail templates


Resume Widget

The entries in the CV widget can now be easily edited using your own text editor and can therefore also be formatted very easily and quickly. You can also use the "Document templates" widget to create a document for the respective contact straight away. Therefore, if you have previously created a resume document template, the relevant information from the "Resume" widget, including the formatting of the HTML editor, will be transferred to it.

Resume Widget