Create invoices/orders in a new phase

Invoices and orders can be sent in 1Tool be created directly in a new phase. This means that you can create another invoice/another order based on an existing invoice or an existing order.

Create invoice in new phase

To be able to create an invoice in a new phase, first click on Finances - Invoices - Overview.

A list of all generated invoices is now displayed here. Scroll to the "Next' and click in the line of your desired invoice Arrow-Symbol.

1Tool | Create invoices for orders in a new phase2

After clicking the arrow, a new window will appear titled “Create invoice in a new phase“ is displayed. First enter the type here. Types can be other invoices, but also orders (for orders, all of your order groups appear as a selection). Below you can also limit invoices/orders to an invoice or offer group. Then enter the creation date and time and, if available, enter the information for your own fields (you can find out how to create your own fields here). Then save your settings.

1Tool | Create invoices for orders in a new phase3 1 1024x686 1
Create order in new phase

The same procedure is also possible with the orders. Further orders or an invoice can also be generated on the basis of these. Click for this Sales - Orders - Overview.

Here, too, you will get an overview of all previously created offers. There are two ways to create an order in a new phase.

First option: You mark the desired order (can also be several), then select the relevant products and click on the button below.Create order in new phase".

1Tool | Mark order in new phase

The other possibility would be, as with the invoices, to the column with the arrow symbols to scroll and click on the respective button in the desired invoice line.


As soon as you have clicked on one of the arrows, a separate window will appear "Create order in a new phase". Here, too, in the "Type' select again whether it should be a further order or an invoice based on the existing order. Finally, click here as well Saveto make the settings.

1Tool | Create order in new phase