Excel functions

The most important functions in Excel are explained on this page, which should make it easier for you to create and edit the Excel list.
Separate cell contents from each other:
It happens that certain data has been written together in one field. A typical example is the combination of city and postal code. However, this data can be separated again using Excel.
However, before you can separate data, you must first insert new columns.
(Note that this step must be carried out for every function explained here)
First mark the column and then click on it with the left mouse button. Now select in the menu that opens Insert columns .

Enter the separation formula - up to spaces

The separation is based on the space. Now click in the desired cell. Enter the following formula here: =LEFT( A1;SEARCH(" "; A1;1)-1)
This function outputs the entire text up to the first space. (Important: Begin each formula with =)

Enter the separating formula – starting with spaces

through the function =RIGHT(A4;LENGTH(K4)-SEARCH(" ";K4;1)) the entire text starting with the space is now output.

Apply function to multiple contacts

To adopt this function for all contacts, first click in the cell. Now move the mouse button to the lower right corner of the cell to the position where the black arrow button of the mouse turns into a black cross. Now click on it with the mouse button and, while holding down the mouse button, drag the cell to the desired position.

example result

In the example, the zip code and the city are each displayed in a separate column. separate_04

Conversion to uppercase

big: Converts your text to uppercase. The formula is: =large(column no.)

Capitalize the first letter

Converts only the first letter to uppercase. The rest is lowercase.
In the example below, individual letters of the name were written with different sizes.

example result

through the function =big2(column no. ) only the first letter is capitalized, the rest are lowercase.

excel_gross2 excel_gross2_02
Conversion to lowercase


Converts your text to lowercase. This function is particularly advantageous if the e-mails are written in different ways.

Formula lowercase

Enter the following formula: =SMALL()

Removal of superfluous spaces

The Smooth function removes superfluous spaces in the text.smooth

merging content

Content can not only be separated but also combined. Select an empty cell in which to merge the contents of other cells.
To merge the contents of two cells, select the first cell that contains the text you want to merge with other text, type &" "& (a space enclosed in quotation marks), and then select the next cell that contains the text you want to add.

Import 1Tool

If you now use an existing Excel contact list in 1Tool want to import, then please make sure that there are no formulas in the Excel list, as these cannot be imported into 1Tool Imported.

Now how do you remove these formulas?

Use CTRL A to select the entire Excel spreadsheet. Now press the right mouse button and select in the menu paste content. In the window that now opens, the Formulas checkbox must be deselected. Click to finish OKAY.