New Order

Im 1Tool Your (sales) staff can create offers with their own offer configurator and assign these offers directly to sales opportunities.

Thus, all offers have your company design and all desired employees have access to it. In addition, your employees can see at the push of a button which offers have been sent to which customers.
You can find a new offer at Orders - Overview - New order create.

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To create a new offer:
Click on Create offer and fill in the fields.

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You can write an order title, free text and a comment. If the order recipient is already among your contacts, it is sufficient if you enter the first three letters of your recipient. 1Tool automatically suggests the right contact for you.

Select the check box "Create new customer"if it is an unsaved contact. After entering the contact data, the contact is automatically transferred to the corresponding contact group. Choose "delivery address", if you want to use the address that is stored with your contact for your order. Above "Own address“ you can enter other address data manually.

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Add individual products to your offer. Simply enter the article in the "Article" field. The service description is then automatically transferred to the field.
You can use the quantity to control how often the unit price is to be charged. In addition to the unit price, you can define here whether you want to give a discount in EUR or %. Furthermore, you have the option of selecting the various VAT.

You define the frequency (once, monthly, quarterly or annually) for each invoice you create. The total price of the individual items is formed automatically.
You can view individual items by clicking on the X remove at any time.

Finally click on "to save" to create the order. Your offer will then be automatically saved to your computer as a PDF file.