Opportunity stage status and probability

1Tool allows you to link your opportunity stages to the status and probability of success of an opportunity. If you move to a different stage, you no longer have to manually change the status or the probability, but can use the defined data automatically for your opportunities.

For example: As soon as your opportunity reaches the "Offer" phase, you can define that the status is automatically "open" and the probability of success is 50%. If the offer is now accepted and the phase changes to "Order", the status and probability are also changed - for example to "Won" and 100%.

You set the status and probability of your stages Settings - Sales - Opportunities - Stage Opportunities .

To link your sales opportunity with the respective status or probability, fill in the fields under the "Connect Opportunity Status" as "Connect Opportunities to Success". If you do not want to link a phase to a status, do not enter anything in the field (——). When connecting to the probability of success, make sure that the corresponding checkbox is activated.

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