accounting groups

Under Administration – Invoices – Accounting areas you can define new accounting areas and edit or delete existing accounting areas.

Each accounting group has its own number cycle, its own template and its own sender e-mail address. In the accounting area overview you can view existing accounting areas, delete or edit them.

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Under "New Accounting group", you can create a new accounting area.

1Tool | Accounting groups3

The following window will now open:

Under the tab PDF template you can create the PDF of your invoice yourself.

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1Tool | Accounting groups5
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1Tool | Accounting groups7
1Tool | Accounting groups8
1Tool | Accounting groups9

Under the tab Table Settings you can edit your invoice table yourself. Here you can define exactly how your services are listed. A list of possible placeholders is also available here to help you.

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1Tool | Accounting groups11

Under the tab Mail Settings you can specify shipping options for the invoice.