Actions for multiple contacts/contact groups

Im 1Tool you can perform different operations on multiple specific contacts or contacts in a contact group at the same time. First you have to search for your selected contacts or go to the overview of the respective contact group (can also be a subgroup of a contact group).

contact search

Under the Contacts menu item, click Contact Search. In the quick search that now appears, type your search term so that all corresponding contacts are listed.

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You can also perform actions on contacts in the contact group. To do this, under Contacts, click Contact group and select the desired contact group or subgroup. Click on "Overview" to call up all contacts of the corresponding group.

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A list of all matching contacts is now displayed. Scroll down to the "Edit' and click the arrow icon in the top right corner to open it.

In order to be able to carry out actions for certain contacts, you must first mark them. Select all desired contacts by ticking them. As soon as you select several contacts, the checkbox "Take action on marked contacts“ activated. You can also see the exact number of marked contacts in brackets.

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In the "Edit" area you will find several options.


Inside the tabContacts“ you can export your selected contacts to an Excel list, delete them, create a new task for the contacts or write a new comment for the contacts.

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Under the tab "Contact groups“ you can add your selected contacts to new contact groups. You have two options for this. First type the name of your desired group in the empty field. You can also specify multiple groups.

1.) Add

Here your marked contacts are added to the selected contact groups. If these contacts have already been assigned to other contact groups, these also remain. Example: Your contacts belong to the "Customers" contact group. Now assign them to the "Customers" group. The contacts are now present in both contact groups.

2.) Replace

"Replace" assigns your contacts to the newly selected contact group. However, the contacts will be deleted from existing groups. For example, your contacts are no longer in the Employees group, only in the new Customers group.

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About the tab "distribution lists“ assign your selected contacts to a new distribution list. To do this, you must select your corresponding list in the drop-down menu. Then click on "Add" or "Remove".

1.) Add

Even if the contact has already been assigned to a distribution list, this remains in addition to the newly selected list.

2.) Remove

The old distribution list is deleted from the contact while the new selected list is added to the contact.

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Under the tab "Email“ you have the possibility to send an e-mail to your marked contacts. As soon as you click on the "Send mail" button, a drop-down menu appears with your already stored mail templates (you can find out how to create a template here). Select your template here. You then have the option of sending a test mail to yourself or sending the message directly to your marked contacts. Using the placeholders defined in the templates, you can now address your contacts using a personal form of address.

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In the area "Responsible employee“ you can assign your marked contacts to a responsible person. Again, you have two options.

1.) Add

If your contacts already have an assignee, the new assignee will be added while the old assignee remains as well.

2.) Remove

The stored responsible employee is deleted from your contacts and replaced by the newly selected responsible person.


Under the tab "Opportunities' you can create a new opportunity for your marked contacts. To do this, you must fill out all the necessary fields as usual and then click on the "Create" button below.


Under the tab "Print“ perform a label print of your marked contacts. You can find more detailed instructions on how to print labels here here.


Under the tab "PDF“ you have the possibility to create a document for several contacts with a mouse click. After you click the "new document' button, a window will open where you can select one of the previously saved PDF templates (e.g. Invoice template, Quote templates, etc.). Read how to create document templates here. Salutation, contact details, etc. are personalized using the placeholders defined in the template.


Under the tab "Orders“ you can generate new orders for your marked contacts. You can find the exact execution of an order here.