Add multiple contact addresses

If you want to add multiple addresses to a contact, you must first create an address widget for your contacts. You can do this individually for specific contacts (read here) or equally for all existing contacts (read here).

You can also determine whether a own rider should be used or whether you want to add the module to a existing tab (such as: to the master data of the contact).

Enter multiple addresses

After you have installed the moduleAddresses“ (in this example under a separate tab), a table is displayed in which you can enter the address data. To do this, click in the appropriate field and enter the information. As soon as you have clicked in the field, a separate small window will open for this purpose. Enter the name/number here and then click on this blue ticks, to add the information. To finally save the address, you have to click on the button "+addclick. It is also possible to delete the address again (red button - recycle bin) as Main address (grey button – arrows), main billing address (blue button – arrows) or delivery address of the contact.

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