Territory Responsible Users

With 1Tool you can determine the responsible users for each area.
Responsible users can be defined for each area or postal code. If, for example, the user Mustermann is defined as the person responsible for the zip code 8020, customers with this same zip code can be added to the corresponding user with just one mouse click. If you create a new contact with a zip code for which a user is responsible, this is automatically assigned to the user.
The settings for area responsible users can be found under Settings - User Management - Territory Managers.

An overview appears with all your existing and previously created area managers. You can now use this view to define area managers for each area or postal code.
To define an area for the first time, first click on "Create new area".
1Tool | Overview of area managers 1024x473 1
Create new area
Then specify the area by entering the zip code and a responsible user appoint as area manager.
Important – Then click on Save or on save and recreate, to save your settings.
The respective contact groups for the area manager must also be defined under settings.
To do this, first click on the tab Settings. Then select the contact group(s) for which the transfer is to take place.area_responsible_settings
If a new contact is now created, only the contact group must first be defined.
After entering the zip code for which your user is responsible, this is then automatically assigned to the user.


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