Under Settings - Contacts - Awards you can add new awards for your contacts. Such awards can be honors, prizes and recognition for a specific activity.

Here you will find an overview of all awards. These can be edited and deleted. To create a new award, write the name for it in the empty field and then click "hinzufügen".

1Tool | Award overview new

Awards can be given to contacts. These are in the contact view under the area "Awards“ evident. The prerequisite is, of course, that you have activated this area for your contact view. (you will learn how to add a module to your contact view here).

Awards given to contacts can also be deleted at any time. To assign a new award to a contact, click on the arrow icon next to "New award".


Here you can now select the appropriate award from the ones you have created, enter the date the award was given and a more detailed description. Finally click on "+Add award" to create the award for the contact.