BusyContacts plugin for 1Tool!

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With the BusyContacts plugin, our customers will not have to do without their contact management offline! Contacts, e-mails and other activities are available anytime and anywhere, even without an internet connection, and can be optimally used for appointment preparation and follow-up recording.


All contacts at a glance

Thanks to our CardDAV interface, after installing BusyContacts on your MacBook, you can easily 1Tool link to the contact management app and you will find all contact groups, contacts and emails at a glance. Since this data is available offline, you benefit from the increased flexibility in your everyday work and at the same time you can manage your customers, partners and suppliers much faster and more efficiently.

Colored markings and tags also provide a better overview of your contacts. Contacts can be categorized and filtered with one click. The view - whether as a list or index card - can also be individually adapted to your everyday work and your needs.

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View e-mail communication offline

The contacts and stored email addresses are also automatically recognized via your Apple Mail program, so that all of your email traffic to each individual contact can be viewed in BusyContacts. Even if no Internet connection is available, all previous communication with your customers, employees, etc. can be called up with one click, thus enabling easier administration even when on the move.

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Activity List: Overview of social media and messenger services

If the data for the respective social media profiles or user names for messenger services are also stored with your contacts in BusyContacts, the latest updates and news are also displayed here in the activity list of your contacts. Whether Facebook postings, tweets or messages on Skype, MSN, WhatsApp and Co. - BusyContacts has all the data about your contacts ready for you.

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