Calendar categories

With 1Tool Calendar module, you can assign your appointments to different categories and highlight them using different colors. You can access the calendar settings under Organization – Calendar – Categories.

Here you will find all the categories that have already been defined. To add more categories, click on the "Add new category" button. You can use the buttons in the "Actions" field to edit (blue button) or delete (red button) existing categories.


  • Color column: So that you can later distinguish your various appointments at a glance in the calendar, you can set a separate color for each category.
  • CalDAV Sync column: This feature allows you to sync your 1Tool Calendar with other calendars (e.g. Outlook) or with your smartphone (e.g. iPhone calendar)
  • Access column: Defines your access to the respective calendar categories (no access, write access, read access)
  • Column owner: Identifies who created the category
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Now click on the “Add new category” button.

Here you can now specify a category name and make a color selection.

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Via the button "access rights“ you can specify which users are allowed to see the category.