CardDAV integration

vCard Extensions to WebDAV (CardDAV) is a client-server protocol for address books to allow storage and sharing of contact information on a server. (Source:

Data needed for setup

Username = your email address 1Tool Showcase
password = password of yours 1Tool Showcase

In the following instructions, we explain step by step how to integrate CardDAV with Outlook CalDAV Synchronizer ( carry out

Download the Outlook plugin:

At the beginning of the integration, download the Outlook plugin from the following link:

configuration in 1Tool:

Before synchronization can be set up on the smartphone, the contact groups for synchronization must be selected in the 1Tool necessary.

This setting can be found under Settings / Contacts / Contact Groups in the "Synchronize" column.


Settings / Mail, Contacts, Calendar / Add Account / Other / Add CardDAV Account


Step 1: Install the following free app:

Step 2: Then add the account in the app.

Step 3: Select contact groups to sync

Configuration in Outlook:

Step 1: Once you have installed the plugin, you can now add a new account. Create a new account under the menu item "CalDAV Synchronizer" by clicking on "Synchronization Profiles".

1Tool | 1 configuration

A plus icon will appear, allowing you to create the new profile.

1Tool | 2 configuration

Step 2: A list of numerous profile types now appears. For contact synchronization with 1Tool please select the type "Generic CalDAV/CardDAV".

1Tool | 3 type selection

Step 3: After that, the profile needs to be edited:

  • Assign name (individually selectable)
  • Create/select Outlook folder
  • Server Settings: Please enter yours here 1Tool Enter access data (email = username)
1Tool | 4 user data

Once the server settings have been entered, click on "Test or discover settings".

Step 4: The selection of the contact group to be synchronized now follows.

1Tool | 5 contact groups selection

Step 5: Confirm the selection with OK.

As soon as Outlook is restarted, the selected folder will appear in Contacts. The contacts off 1Tool are thus transferred to Outlook. A reverse synchronization (from Outlook in 1Tool) is not is possible.