Comment Search/Recent Comments

With the 1Tool you can search for comments quickly and easily.
Click on  "Contacts - Recent Comments"

If you would like to display your comments according to specific search criteria, click on the arrow symbol in the "Filter' to open it.
You can search for a specific text/keyword and also restrict it to specific users or individual categories, etc. By clicking "Show" start your comment search.

Once you type "Contact Comments", you can use the filter function "contact group"Or"Industry" to disposal. You can also limit the comments by date. If no date is entered, all comments will be displayed.

Recent Comments_Filter

Via the button "Export...“ you have the possibility to generate an Excel list of your comments. The list of the last comments appears below depending on the filter settings. For each individual comment, you can see which user created the comment (image) and whether it is a comment on a contact, an opportunity or a task. In addition, the creation date or creation time is also visible. The comment text also appears in the specified field.

Last comments_overview