contact map

You can find the contact map below Contacts - contact map.

With this function you can select one or more contact groups to see in which area, how many and which contacts live.

  1. First enter the desired contact group(s). (You may first have to "click" on the filter using the arrow in the right corner)
  2. Choose your location and then enter a radius.
  3. Finally click on "Search".
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  5. When using the Area search the route between location A and location B is shown to you in blue. In addition, all contacts located in both location A and location B are displayed.
    1Tool | Contact map4
    Address Translation:

    The selected contact list is first checked to see how many contacts contain an address. If the contact does not contain an address, it will be discarded for further viewing. In the case of contacts with an address, it is checked whether the address is actually valid. If an invalid address is found, this contact is not relevant for the map and is not displayed.

    Note: So don't be surprised if a contact you have saved is not displayed on the map. Maybe the address you entered just contains an error.
    Contact map_address translation

    In the master data of contact map – these can be found under Administration - Contacts - Contact - Country/Contact Map – you can define the default country.

Enter the default country and its latitude and longitude here. You can then choose how far to zoom the map.
Finally click on "Save' to save your settings.

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