contact search

This feature allows you to search your saved contacts for contacts you specifically want.

To access your contacts, please go to Contacts -> contact search.

Now enter a name in the search field for which you want to search your contacts.

If you want to start the search, just press "Enter" and you will be presented with relevant search results.

Wild cards:

If you e.g. For example, if you don't know exactly how the name of the contact you want to search is spelled, you can use so-called "wild cards" use. Wildcards are placeholders and can be used for one or more letters.

If you only want to replace a letter with a wildcard, use the underscore ( _ ). If you do not know several letters, use the percent sign (%).
Example: You want to search for the name "Strauß", but don't know exactly whether the name is spelled with "s", "ss" or "ß".

Info: No wildcards are used in the simple search, as all options are provided here anyway!

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  • % for multiple characters (e.g.: 84% for all zip codes beginning with 84)
  • _for one character (e.g.: 8___ for all four-digit postcodes beginning with 8)
  • [space]OR[space] for an OR link (e.g.: 8483 OR 8482 for all contacts with the zip code 8483 or the zip code 8482)


You can show or hide the columns by clicking the button "Options" click and "Split' so that all available columns are now displayed.

1Tool | Screenshot 2023 08 01 at 20.44.42:XNUMX:XNUMX

You can now choose the column or columns you want displayed in the option "Columns" determine. After selection, you must click "To save" . click

You can change the order of the columns by dragging the columns either left or right.


For example, if you want to use a filter, press the field to the left of the search fieldFilter' and now you can select one or more filters. For example, if you enter the field "Location" as a filter and now for the location "Vienna“ search, used 1Tool the filter you selected to display a list of all contacts whose location contains "Vienna".

You can also choose from the following search options:

Detailed search:

1Tool | Screenshot 2023 08 01 at 20.48.30:XNUMX:XNUMX
  • equal / unequal
    (Gender / Responsible Employee / Contact Type / Email Bounce / State)
  • same / included
    (Salutation / title / first name / name / e-mail / telephone / mobile number / company name / job title / product information / street / zip code / city)
  • equal to / greater than / less than / greater than or equal to / less than or equal to
    (Customer number / Received newsletter)
  • same / after / before / between
    (Date of birth)


Under the grid “Zorders“ you can also limit the search to contact groups.

Own fields

The Grid "Own fields“ offers you the possibility to start the search according to your own criteria/fields.
Here you can, for example, search for applicants with the appropriate knowledge (e.g. applicants with Java knowledge)

Action Buttons:

The measured values can be transferred to a PC via the action buttons (bottom right) you can, for example, select contacts in a Excel-Export document. In an Excel file, the contacts are displayed in the column order you have specified.

You can also use the contacts as VCard, TXT, labels, PDF, Word or as contact map export.

Via "Edit" you can go to the selected contacts Fields add a e-mail send to contact list, Tasks create, Comments insert, Orders invest, Opportunities assign.


Under the tab "contact map“ you get an overview of where the individual contacts of your search are located.

Area search

About the attribute "Radius' in the Detailed Search tab, a proximity search can be started. The input is in kilometers.
As soon as a value is selected in the Radius field and a comparison operator is chosen, the radius search is started. It should be noted that the address fields are then used to calculate the center of the area search and not for the exact search for the address.