Contacts - Orders

1Tool allows bulk orders to be placed. If you want all contacts to receive the same order, you can do this directly for multiple contacts you want, without having to create each order separately.

You can use the contact search or the overview of a contact group to carry out actions for one or more contacts (more on this here). So after you have the list of your contacts in front of you and have marked all desired contacts (by ticking the box) click on the Actions window "Edit"And then on"Order".

1Tool | Screenshot 2023 02 10 at 09.27.40:XNUMX:XNUMX


Your marked contacts (in this case 3 people) now appear in the new order window under the area "Recipients". If you want to add more contacts, type the additional names in the field below the existing contacts. After entering the first three letters, contact suggestions are automatically displayed. Now select the relevant contacts.


In step 2 you define the delivery address of the marked contact. If only one contact is selected, you can choose whether the shipping address matches the billing address (stored for this contact) or enter data from the different shipping addresses. If multiple contacts are marked, you can only select the "Ship to billing address" option.
Then in step 3 select the appropriate ones Products for your order. To do this, enter the product name in the appropriate field (it is recommended that it appears automatically after the first three letters). Select the product, define the desired quantity and click on "Add item".
After adding the product, the price details are automatically displayed below. You can also add multiple products by re-entering the new product and adding the line. The total price of all products is finally calculated.

1Tool | Screenshot 2023 02 10 at 09.28.02:XNUMX:XNUMX

In step no. 4 you can define further details of your order, such as payment method, payment and delivery status. After that, you can add annotations in step 5.

1Tool | Screenshot 2023 02 10 at 09.28.18:XNUMX:XNUMX

In step 6, select an accounting area for your order. After that you can generate your order. In addition to the order, an invoice is generated directly via the button "Order & invoice".

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