adjustment posting

Via the <strong>integrated datalog</strong> the measuring values can be stored on the humimeter RH5 paper moisture meter and additional data can be added. You also have the possibility to use the Autolog function. This function automatically saves measuring values in adjustable time intervals. "New correction entry" button in the journal view you can make an adjustment entry.

1Tool | adjustment posting

A field appears in which you enter the necessary data for your adjustment posting (product, warehouse, etc.). Through a "Plus" sign indicate that it is a receipt of goods. This could be the case if you previously made an incorrect entry (quantity too small) when making an additional purchase. A "minus" sign on the other hand, shows a loss or the incorrect input of too large a quantity.

About the Quantity field determine by which number you want your inventory to decrease or increase.

Then click on the "Save" buttonto make your corrective booking.

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