Create account classes

1Tool | Accounting should have

Under Settings - Accounting - Accounting accounts you can create your desired account classes individually according to your needs.

These accounts only have to be created once. If you have a very long list here - we can convert the list you provided into 1Tool import. Please contact us. | +43 3452 214 214

1Tool | Accounting should have

Number: 4-digit account number
Designation: Account name
Comment: Additional information about the account
Control type: Tax rate, which is always in combination with the account. Can also be individually selected later for each booking record.

1Tool | tax rates

activated: an account can be taken offline
Currency: Currency applicable to this account
Debit/Credit: Select whether this is a debit or credit account

1Tool | Accounting account management green tick

By clicking on the green tick, you can create the account.

You can correct the entry at any time by simply clicking on the desired field (dashed line) and changing the data. You can save the change by clicking on the tick.

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