Create contact group

A contact group is a collection of contacts. These contact groups can be, for example, customers, partners, interested parties or even employees or applicants. You can add as many contact groups as you want in the 1Tool manage and maintain. A contact in 1Tool can be assigned to one or more contact groups.
You can create a new contact group at Administration – Contacts – contact groups create.

To create a new contact group, you must first define the name of your group and whether it should be assigned to a parent group. In addition, you can describe the contact group in more detail and manage the access rights of all users for this group.

Under "contact type' you can specify, for example, whether the contact group is a company, department or contact. When creating a new contact for this group, you can only enter the information that has been defined for this contact type (so you do not need any personal data such as surname, date of birth, etc. for a company). Learn how to create a contact type here. Then save your settings.

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Under the view of a new contact group, all previously created groups appear. If contacts exist in several contact groups, the contacts will still remain in the other contact groups if only the contact group is deleted. (Delete only contact group)
If the contact group with the contacts is deleted, the contacts are also removed from the other contact groups. (Also delete contacts)

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