Create contact person/define contact person contact type

Im 1Tool you have the option of creating a contact person for each contact. A contact person of a company could be a specific department. The contact person of a department could be a specific person (e.g. department head, assistant, etc.). To first determine a contact person, create a new contact as usual (you will be shown how to do this here explained in more detail). Select in the field "Main contact' Select your appropriate contact person.

1Tool | Create contact person

So that you do not always have to define the contact type (e.g. company, department, etc.) when creating a contact person, you can define a fixed contact type for your contact person under the settings (You can find out how to create contact types in general here).

As soon as you select a new contact person, the contact type that is stored as the contact person for the main contact is stored for this.

For example: You want contact persons of a company to always be departments. Make this setting first Administration – Contacts – Contact types .

All created contact types now appear here. Now select the appropriate type for which you want to define the contact person type. In our example, this is the contact type "Company". Click that blue edit icon to be able to make the settings.

1Tool | Create contact person3

Now go to the tab "Contact options"; Under the item "Contact person Contact type“ in the drop-down menu, select the respective contact type for your contact person. In our example, this would be the type department. Finally, save your settings.

1Tool | Create contact person4