Create Daily Income

The daily income feature supports you in managing and controlling your daily income. Based on the invoices you have created, you can determine the relevant sales at the end of the day for each of your stored accounting areas. The function is available under the menu item Finances – Daily Income is available for storage, management and analysis.

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An overview of all previously created daily income appears. Here you can enter the receipt number, the creation date, the creator (user) and the accounting area for which the daily receipts were recorded (like you would enter an accounting area in the 1Tool create, read here), see. In addition, you can also use the filter function to make certain daily intakes easier to find. To do this, enter the corresponding information in the respective fields and then click on "Search' to start the filter function.

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To enter new daily income, click on the button "Create Daily Income". Select the date and accounting area and then click on the blue buttonto generate the list of your daily earnings.

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You will now see your daily income, listed according to product groups. The product groups represent the 1Tool stored product categories (you can see how to create product categories here). Furthermore, the net amount of all income, the VAT amount, as well as the total amount of your daily income is traceable.

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