Create individual events

To create a new event, click below Seminars in the overview on the editing pen your respective seminar.

You are now in the master data view of your seminar. Click "Back to Seminar" to view the full details of your seminar/course. Do you have to create a new seminar first (read how to do this here), the same view appears as soon as you have saved it.

Seminar_Details button

You can now see your seminar data and can edit or copy it. At the bottom under the area "Events" you can use the button "Create' create a new event.


As soon as you have clicked on the "Create" button, under the tab "Event' Enter your event details.

Event_master data

Under "Internal information“ you can enter data that is important for your employees or event organizers. This information is not visible to visitors to your website!

Event internal information

As soon as you have saved the event, you will return to the view of your seminar data. Here is under the area "Events“ Now you can see your created event. You can view, edit or delete them later. To create more events for this course, repeat the process described.

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