Create new task

To create a new task, go to Organization – Tasks – Create task.

Alternatively, you can also create a new task directly from your task overview using the button available for this (bottom right).

1Tool | Create task button 1024x513 1

As soon as you want to create a new task, a separate window will appear. Here you can now link your task to a contact or an opportunity. To do this, enter the first three letters and 1Tool automatically generates search suggestions. In addition, you can determine which activity the task belongs to, how much time it takes, by when it has to be completed, etc. 

Documents or images can also be added directly with a mouse click by dragging the respective document into the window.

1Tool | Create new task

For the task in 1Tool to deposit, click Save and close or on Save and New, in order to be able to create a new task directly after creating the task.