Create a new ticket

To create a new ticket in 1Tool To create one, simply go to Organization – Tickets – Create ticket.

1Tool | Create Ticket

There you must then specify which contact the ticket should be linked to. This can be the case, for example, if a customer communicates his request via your support hotline and you then immediately create a ticket for further internal processing and forward it to the relevant department.

1Tool | new ticket

As soon as a contact has been selected, you will see a few fields that you can fill in for further processing, so that you can give your colleagues a good insight into the customer's concerns via the ticket. Documents or images can also be filed with the ticket to get a quick overview.

Once you've finished entering the fields, all you have to do is save the ticket. You can "Save and Close" to continue working on other things or "Save and Open" to look at the ticket again in the detail view.