Create sales opportunities

Opportunities are opportunities for sales to close deals. This can be business with existing customers or with new, potential customers.
Under Sales – Opportunities – New Opportunity you can create a new opportunity.

Enter your data in the mask that now appears:
1Tool | new sales opportunity2
  1. Enter the name of your opportunity
  2. Enter the first or last name of your existing contact (customer) here - the system will then automatically search for your contact from the address book, or create a new contact as part of this.
  3. Establish the current stage of the sale (eg: initial contact, negotiation, etc.) - as you do sales stages in 1Tool create read here.
  4. Under Source you determine how you were able to acquire this customer (eg: TV campaign, cold calling, etc.) – you can read how you define sources in general here.
  5. What revenue could this project bring to your company?
  6. Designate a responsible employee.
  7. What is the probability of completing this project successfully? – To do this, simply move the scroll bar.
  8. Define a reseller if you are collaborating on an opportunity with another company (how to define resellers will be explained to you here explained).
  9. Set the current project status: Open, Lost or Won.
  10. Determine the creation date.
  11. Set the close date of your opportunity.
  12. You will be reminded of the deadline that you have set yourself, for example, until the next time you contact us, via the resubmission date.
  13. Add any other details or comments.
  14. If you would like to inform a colleague or another contact about the sales opportunity, please enter them here.

If your newsletter or newsletter campaigns are also considered a source, you can also select this when creating a sales opportunity after creating this source in the master data. Once you select your newsletter as a source, an additional field will appear called "newsletter campaign". To make your source information more accurate, you can now use the drop-down menu to select the campaign that contributed to this opportunity.

1Tool | new sales opportunity3

You can also upload any number of documents related to your opportunity. Finally click on "Save".

1Tool | new sales opportunity4

Below is an overview of the newly created sales opportunity.
By clicking on the "editing pen" (yellow button) you can correct the data you entered again. That recycle bin icon (red), is used to delete the opportunity.

1Tool | new sales opportunity5

Read how to add modules to your opportunity master data here.

These modules can be used, for example, to create new tasks or orders for the sales opportunity directly in the sales opportunity detail view and to link products to them.

Simply click on the respective arrow symbol (grey) to open the detail area.

As an example: To create a new task for an opportunity, click on the button "new task"  The task window then opens as usual (read how to create a new task in detail here). For tasks that have already been created, you can see who should do the task and who assigned it. If you click on the arrow symbol for a task, more details about it will open. If you click on the checkbox in front of the task, it will be marked as completed.
1Tool | Add Opportunity Task

Add your products to the opportunity. To do this, click on the button "new product for this opportunity". Then the detail area opens and you can add all the necessary information about your product. Then save your settings.

1Tool | Create new opportunity 1

You can also add comments to each opportunity.

Opportunity Comment