Create your own tabs/widgets

1Tool offers you the opportunity to define your own personal, individual contact view or your own tab for your contacts. This means that you have all the necessary modules that you work with directly with your contacts and can therefore carry out your activities more efficiently.

To create a new tab, go to the contact view of your desired contact (you can find out how to get to the contact view here). Click on the "Gear" icon to go to the Management tab.

1Tool | Contact view document template

In the following tab management view click on the button "To the administration"

In the module tab overview that now appears, all the tabs you have created so far are listed. These can also be edited (blue) or deleted (red) later using the two available buttons. About the button"Create a new module tab", create a new tab. If you would like to be able to use all previously created tabs not only for this one contact but for all contacts, then click on "Apply settings to all users".

1Tool | Module tab Overview 1024x369 1

Do you now "Create new module tab" selected, you can create your new tab in the existing view. For example: for the document template, select the module/widget "Document Template" out of. It is also possible to combine several modules in one tab. Simply select several modules.

1Tool | Create copy tab

After you have saved your new tab, the new tab will now appear in the contact view.

1Tool | Document template tab