You can in 1Tool create credit notes in the simplest way if customers want to exchange or return products. Your inventory will automatically be increased by the affected quantity.

First click Settings – Orders – Order Templates, to create the possibility of a credit first.

An overview of all previously created order templates now appears here. You can make the setting for credits for existing circles, but you can also create your own credit circle for it. Click on "Define new job template' or on the 'Edit“-pin of the corresponding circle.

1Tool | Order template new

Scroll under the tab "General Settings' to the checkbox 'credit stock' and activate it. Finally, save your settings.

As soon as you now create a new order, first select the respective order template for which you have activated the option "Credit warehouse". The respective quantity that you enter in your items will then be credited for the selected warehouse and the stock will be increased. Read how to create a new order here.