Dashboard notification

You can use dashboard notifications to send messages directly to other employees. These messages then appear on their dashboard and important news can be seen at a glance.

In order to be able to create such notifications directly via the dashboard, you must add the module to your dashboard. You make the setting for this under the user settings, which you can edit by clicking on your login at the top right. Then select Settings and then go to the last tab "Tabs".

An overview of all previously created module tabs appears here. On the "Dashboard" tab, click on the blue "Edit"-buttons.

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Here you have to in the area "Modules" the field Dashboard notifications Add. Save then your settings.

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Now switch back to your dashboard. The "Dashboard notifications" field now appears here. To create a new notification, click this arrow icon. About the Crosshair you can change the arrangement of your modules on the dashboard and easily move them around (hold down your mouse and move the field to the required position).

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Now enter your text in the now opened notification window. Here you can also specify for which user groups the notification should be visible and which news category the notification belongs to. You can read how they define news categories in advance here.

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After creating your notification, click on the "Save"-buttons. The notification will now appear at the top of your dashboard (if you also belong to the defined user group). Is the check box "Show read notificationsdeactivated (grey; if activated: orange), your message will disappear as soon as you click on the green arrow Mark your notification as read.

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