data collection log

A data collection log gives you the option of exporting selected cash register receipts from a specific period of time to an Excel spreadsheet. This gives you an overview of important invoices, for example per month, week, etc., and you can store them in an orderly manner on your PC and print them out if necessary. To create a data collection log, first click in your 1Tool-Menu on Finances - Invoices - Overview.

A list of all previously created invoices is now displayed. The data log is always created within the selected period. However, during this period you can also specify that only certain documents are exported to Excel files.

Export selected receipts

If you only want to include certain invoices in the data collection log within a defined period of time, check the corresponding checkbox in the left column in front of the invoice number to mark the required invoice in the list.

1Tool | Data acquisition log2 1024x507 1

Export all receipts of a period

If you want to include all cash register receipts from your defined period in the data collection log, continue straight away with the following step. Now click on the barMarked invoice options“. Below this, another window opens containing various actions that you can now carry out for your invoices. To create a data collection log, click on the button "Export".

1Tool | Data acquisition log3 1024x508 1

You can now make your settings for the protocol in the export window that appears. To do this, first select the option "data collection log" out.

1Tool | Data acquisition log4 1024x507 1

Then select your desired period by specifying the "from" and "to" date in the respective fields. There are several ways to do this.

Enter period

Manual input: Mark the respective section (eg: tt) and enter the desired number by entering it using the number field on your PC.

1Tool | Data Collection Log5

Entry via calendar: In addition to the two arrows for the larger-smaller input, there is another arrow that, when clicked, opens a calendar. Now click on the desired date and it will be automatically entered into the field.

1Tool | Data Collection Log6

button calendar

1Tool | Data Collection Log7

As soon as you have now defined the correct export type and your desired period of time, click on the button "Export...".

1Tool | Data acquisition log8 1024x372 1

Now save the file on your PC. In the Excel list you will then find all important information (date, invoice, contact, payment method, on invoice, total) for your cash register receipts clearly logged.