document templates

With 1Tool you have the option of uploading Microsoft Word templates and calling them up for each contact so that the Word file with the master data of the respective contact is opened. With this you can 1Tool direct letters to customers or CVs from applicants can be created automatically.

As a first step, download below Administration – Organization – Documents – Document templates - Overview upload a document template.

Now load your document into the appropriate folder.

1Tool | Screenshot 2023 07 23 at 20.16.03:XNUMX:XNUMX

In order for the respective document to be filled with the master data of the contact, you must specify appropriate placeholders in the template. However, the template must be a Word document.

Now select the "Document template" tab in the contact view.
(How to add a new tab will guide you here explained)

1Tool | Document template tab

In the "Document template" tab, click on "new document".

1Tool | Document template New document 1024x340 1

The Word file with the contact details is then automatically saved to your computer.
ready template