Evaluation of time recording

Within the evaluation of the time recording, you have an insight into the time entries of your employees according to the desired period of time and affiliation (projects, contacts, sales opportunities...).
You can access this menu item at Time recording - evaluation.

Via the <strong>integrated datalog</strong> the measuring values can be stored on the humimeter RH5 paper moisture meter and additional data can be added. You also have the possibility to use the Autolog function. This function automatically saves measuring values in adjustable time intervals. Filtering area you can make various settings for filtering your time entries. A period of time and the affiliation must always be defined. Optionally, you can also filter by status, type or employee. Within the affiliation, you can view time entries from projects, contacts, project contacts, or opportunities. The number of selected affiliations and total affiliations is always displayed in the blue circles.


For example, if you select a specific project within projects, then under the tab "entire list“ all time entries that exist for this project are displayed.


In addition, you can use the button below "Export“ the chance to convert the list of your now displayed time entries into an Excel list or a CSV or PDF document. Simply click on the button and select your desired file format.
You can also tick the checkbox next to the individual entries and mark as many time entries as you like. You can then create an invoice based on the marked entries (Create invoice from selection) or edit the entries.

Mark Administration_Selection

Go to the tab "Employees", the time entries for the defined period of time and affiliation by user are displayed here. Next to the employee, their total working time, which was booked on the project or the sales opportunity, for example, is always displayed. Click that "Plus" icon next to it on the left, a detailed list of the individual activities, tasks, times, etc.


The rider "Activities“ lists all activities for the filtered time entries. In addition, the working hours that were spent on these activities are visible again. You can get more details by clicking on the plus symbol.


If your entries are filtered by contacts or sales opportunities, you can then view your time entries under the "Projects", also display by projects.


Finally, you can use the "tasks/phasen” List your time entries by task.