Event overview

click on Seminars - Overview to get to the overview of your seminars and thus also to the overview of your individual events. The first column contains the following symbols:

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If you click on this symbol, the underlying events of a seminar may open.

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Here you can display the seminar - you get to the detailed view.

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This symbol can be used to create a copy of the seminar so that you may only have to make small adjustments afterwards and not have to create a completely new one.

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This allows you to export to Excel.

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The seminars can also be downloaded in PDF format.

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You also have the option of deleting seminars/events afterwards.

There can be any number of calendar symbols in the "Events" column. The number of icons indicates how many events have been created for a course/seminar.

1Tool | events

Hover over one of the "eye buttons' This shows which event it is. Click on the desired button to get to the event details. All participants, your waiting list and canceled participants are displayed in the details.

As soon as you have clicked on the "calendar symbol" of your desired event, its detailed information will appear. Under the tab "Masterdata Managment ' there is first the field 'Adults". Open it with the arrow to the right. Here you can enter the name of a participant or a person on the waiting list in order to manually move them to the waiting or participant list. Basically, in 1Tool but those people on the waiting list are automatically moved up as soon as a person from the participant list cancels their participation in the event.

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Next to it (or depending on where you positioned your function window) you will see the Event dates. These can also be changed later using the Edit button.

event information

Under the tab "Participants' you can see all the people who have successfully registered for the event.

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Delete participants Delete participant from participant list
send email Send message to participant
move to waiting list Move the participant to the waiting list
move to canceled people Move attendees to the "Cancelled Persons" list

The buttons – to the left of the people – refer to the respective participant. Here you have the option of generating a list of participants, sending an email to all contacts (or selected ones), exporting the list of participants as an Excel list, issuing an invoice/order, etc.

Also for them Waiting list as well as for the list "Canceled People“ you can either mark only one person or several and carry out the respective action.


For people who cancel, there is also the possibility to create a credit note in order to book back the amount paid. Here im 1Tool also created their own rules. 
How to deposit in 1Toolthat up to 10 days before the start of the course the course can be canceled free of charge and up to 9 days at 50%. If a customer cancels a seminar online via your website, a credit note for the total amount or 50% of the value is automatically issued, depending on the day. At the same time, an invoice for the remaining amount to be paid (50%) will be sent to you 1Tool generated and sent (you can find out how to store the rules here).