First steps seminar creation

To create a seminar, it is best to make a few settings first. Go to it Administration – Seminars – Seminar Settings.

Here you can set the contact group from which you can then select your speakers, contact persons or the room when creating the seminar. This process is intended to simplify the selection so that you don't have to search through all of the contacts, so we advise you to use some structure in the contact groups.

1Tool | contact group seminars

Definition email templates

you have im 1Tool the possibility to define mail templates such as birthday mails, invitations, reminder mails, etc. Under Settings - Global Settings - Mail Templates you can set the mails for each action. These emails are then automatically sent by the 1Tool sent.

Go to the "Create new mail template" button. Here you enter in the field "Name" Enter the name of your mail template, e.g.: "Waiting list". Under Subject, enter the subject of the email and below that the email text. Then click on Save.

1Tool | waiting list text

You can then select your predefined mail templates from the email templates.

1Tool | Screenshot 2020 09 07 at 12.16.18:XNUMX:XNUMX

You can find out how to create a seminar here.