Customize menu/navigation

With the free menu structure, you are able to organize your menu items in the 1Tool to customize and set up. You can access your previously existing menu structure under: Administration – Global Settings – Navigation.

You can here the Namur change your menu items or change them by Drag and drop move. However, moving a submenu item is only possible within the associated menu item. Menu items/sub-menu items that you have created yourself, on the other hand, can be moved to any position.

About the arrow icon at "New menu item" you can customize new points for your 1Tool invest. In addition to choosing one titles and icons, are also available to you various Types to disposal. You can therefore choose arbitrarily whether your new menu item is a Link to a website should be, a HTML page on which you present static content or whether the menu item for the im 1Tool created news posts leads. Furthermore, you can define who for your menu item Access to this or has no right to a menu entry.


Once you click the button "Add" click, your new menu item is created and appears in the menu column in the 1Tool as well as in the menu structure tree of the navigation overview. Existing menu items cannot be deleted either, but you can use the checkbox to hide all items as desired.