HTML Widget – Contact

With the HTML widget you can save important information and notes about your contacts. In contrast to the notes widget, the HTML widget can be created as often as you like. You can name the widget individually according to your wishes.

To create the HTML widget, create a new widget for your contact as usual. You can add this to an existing tab or create a new tab for it. You can find out how to make this setting here. To do this, add the widget "HTML widget new“ and immediately name it according to your wishes.

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Enter the name of your widget in the appropriate field in the pop-up window. And then click "Ok".

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After adding your widget, click in the "Modules' again on 'Save' to save the settings for your contact. As soon as you switch back to the contact view, the widget should appear in the selected location. You can also use the crosshairs to move the widget to a desired position within the corresponding tab.

About the blue editing pen content can be added to your contact under the respective HTML widget.

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To enter information into the widget, simply click on the text field. Using the editing panel that appears, you can format your content as you wish, just like in Word. Once you have filled in all the details, click the checkmark to save the content.

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You can change/edit your content or add new details at any time using the editing pen.