Import contacts

Existing contact lists as Excel files, CSV files or vCards can be imported directly into 1Tool Imported. This option can be found at Contacts - Contacts import.
How such an Excel file should look is explained here.

Here you can now upload existing contact data by entering the File Type (Excel, vCard) and the File choose.

The contact group "can" already be defined here. However, it is only the assignment of the entire list to a group possible.
Important!: If you want the contact data on your list to be assigned to different contact groups, please click here save Selection. The assignment then takes place in the next step.

However, if the contact group is a dynamic attribute, you must make a selection here so that you can later define your dynamic attributes.
Only the first 100 contacts are shown in the preview table.

After "upload“ , the following view appears:


Each column in your document can be assigned to a field in the 1Tool be assigned.contact_import

Was in the checkbox "Duplicate Check" is selected, imported contacts will be recognized as duplicates if either the last name and first name or the e-mail address match an existing contact. The following view appears on your screen after the import process:

Contact import_3

After a successful import, the following message appears:
successful import

Excel file – Automatically assign data to columns

If the column name is in the first line of your Excel file, you can press the "Assign columns automatically" button.
This will automatically assign the columns. 

If a field has an orange background, as in the example below (bottom screenshot), it indicates that this column was not found.