List of applicants and selection of candidates

Click on to go to the list of applicants Organization – Projects – Overview, to first call up all applicant projects that have been created and then to get to the detailed view of your desired project.

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Then click on the applicant management button within the detailed view.

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You can first search for candidates using the filter function. eg: after those who would be suitable for the job ("Yes"). Below that is the long and short list.

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long list

All applicants who have applied for the respective position via your website or your job portal are listed in the longlist. Here you can now make your first pre-selection by filling in the columns accordingly.

With one click you can also use previously created mail templates (you can find out how to create mail templates here) Send e-mails to the client or the applicant himself (e.g. acceptances, rejections or keeping records). There are two ways to do this:

Possibility 1

In the row of the respective applicant, click on the letter symbol in the client or applicant column, select one of your templates and your email will be sent personalized.

Possibility 2

To automatically send emails to several applicants, mark them in the column next to their name and then click on the corresponding buttons below (reject applicant, applicant mail).

Export applicants

If several applicants or all are marked, you can use the button "Export applicants“ Convert your longlist into an Excel file.


If the Shortlist column is selected for applicants, they will be included in the corresponding list below. Those applicants who are shortlisted should be added to the shortlist. The shortlist then shows the contact with previously defined criteria (qualifications, training, etc.).

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