Manage user positions

User positions are used to record a user's target working hours in order to have a better overview of overtime. You can see a new user positions at Administration – User management – ​​User & rights management under the User Positions tab.

user position

All you have to do is click on the button "New" click and "user position" choose. Then simply enter the name of your position and click on save. An overview of all previously created user positions appears on the left. They can also use this again at any time recycle bin icon to be deleted.

Now select the tab User and select a user for whom you want to assign the individual rights. A user is selected by clicking on the desired user.

When the user has been selected, on the right side you will find the area "user positions". Here you can now add a new position by typing in the "Position' to select a user position that you have created. Then you set the user's entry date and the respective working hours per day. Then click on Save. Multiple positions can also be added to a user.

user position