New 1Tool Version 3.3.27 online!

1Tool | Opportunity Dashboard

Our team has been busy improving and developing the 1Tool worked. Numerous sophisticated features for sales, organization and finance are thus available in the new version 3.3.27. We hope you enjoy testing the new functions and look forward to your feedback!


Opportunity Dashboard

With the new opportunity dashboard, you always have an overview of your opportunities and their status. Thanks to the different colors of the sales opportunity phases, you know at a glance how many of your sales opportunities are, for example, in the offer, initial contact or negotiation phase and how much potential sales are involved.

1Tool | Opportunity Dashboard

In addition, a dedicated drag-and-drop feature allows you to easily move an opportunity to another phase. This allows you to optimally manage your sales opportunities and optimally plan further action steps.

How to use the colors for a Opportunity Phase can be found in our manual


Automatic contact type for contacts

With the new 1Tool When creating a contact person, you no longer have to define the contact type (e.g. company, department, contact, etc.) separately. As soon as you select a new contact person, the contact type that is defined as the contact person for the main contact is stored for this person.

For example: You want contact persons in a company to always be departments. Make this setting first Master data - contacts - contact types in front. You select your contact type (in this case "company"), go to the "Contact options" tab and enter "Contact person Contact type“ Enter your desired contact type (in this case “department”).

As soon as you define a contact person when creating a new company, only the contact fields for one department are displayed to be filled out.

Like you one Create contact type, read our manual

Clear contacts thanks to tree structure

So far, when assigning a main contact to a contact, all contacts that matched your input were listed in a jumbled way. In the new 1Tool Version 3.3.27 there is now a clear tree structure, so that you can immediately identify main contacts and related contacts at a glance.

Longitude and latitude for contact export

For the contact export, the longitude and latitude of the contact address were added so that this data is also listed in the Excel document or in the CSV or vCard file.


Daily task report

Like the time tracking report, the daily task report provides an overview of all employees and their activities. However, not only booked tasks are displayed here, but also planned hours and the respective task progress. In addition, you always have an insight into which project or which sales opportunity the respective task belongs to.

The report is sent out daily at 07.00 in the morning. Of course, you can define yourself which employees should receive this report. Furthermore, you also determine if tasks of a certain employee should not be included in the report ("Ignored users"). You can find the settings for this under Master data - organization - time recording - time recording report under the paragraph "Manage Recipients (Daily Tasks Report)".


Manage Daily Income

With the new 1Tool version you are offered a new finance feature that allows you to manage and control your daily income. At the end of the day, based on the invoices you have entered, you can enter the respective sales for each of your accounting groups. This function is available under the menu item Finances – Daily Income available, where after clicking on the button "Create Daily IncomeSimply select the appropriate date and the respective accounting area and you will receive a structured list of all your daily transactions.

Thanks to the link to the invoices and the billed products, the daily income is listed for each product category and you always know what percentage of the daily income was achieved with which product group. You can also export your list as an Excel file at the push of a button.

New columns in the invoice overview

With the new 1Tool Version two new columns are available in the invoice overview. On the one hand, you have the option of displaying the federal state of your respective billing contact, and on the other hand, there is now a "Links" column that shows links to other invoices or credit notes at a glance.

For example, if there is a partial invoice or a credit note for an invoice, this is displayed directly next to the corresponding invoice.

amount filter

With 1Tool Version 3.3.27 you can now also filter your invoices by the total amount. To do this, click on the selection "amount' and enter the value you are looking for in the quick search field. All invoices then appear with the total amount entered.

Remove payment date

Up to now it was not possible to delete a payment date that was set for an invoice. With the new one 1Tool version, you have the option of deleting the payment date for an invoice marked "paid". This also automatically removes the tick for paid invoices from the invoice overview.


Calendar print version

With the new 1Tool version you can now use your 1Tool Print calendars easily and in a structured view. Print the webpage while you 1Tool calendar is open, you see the preview for your calendar print version directly.

Calendar events for multiple categories

With the additional calendar function of the new 1Tool Version 3.3.27 you can now create events for multiple categories at the same time. To do this, create an event as usual and store it in the "Category' all relevant categories. After saving, the event is created individually for each of the stored categories.


Participants without invoicing

Previously, when your course participants were moved from the waiting list to the participant list, an invoice was automatically sent to the respective contact. With the new version, you have your own button in the seminar administration that allows you to move candidates to the list of participants free of charge.

PDF download of the seminar information

With the new 1Tool version you can easily download your seminar information as a PDF file at the push of a button. Simply click on the green download button in the overview of your courses.

Course start and end dates at a glance

In the course overview, thanks to the "eye" symbol, you not only get an insight into the number of your individual events in a course, but also their start and end dates and the respective number of participants.

To get this information, simply move the mouse over the corresponding one "Eye" button, the respective date appears immediately and the corresponding number of course participants in brackets.

You can see the start and end dates of your courses not only in the course overview, but also in 1Tool Quick search top right. As soon as you type in the name of your seminar, the necessary information appears below it.


New invoice button

With the new 1Tool version you also have a new dashboard button for your finances. With just one click you can go directly from your dashboard to the invoice creation.

How to get a new one Create dashboard button, you can find out here in our manual.

New seminar widget

Thanks to the new seminar widget ("Recent Logins") view your most recent course registrations at a glance. Descending, you can see which people have registered for which events. If the event belongs to a higher-level course, this is also displayed for a better overview.

How to get a new one Create dashboard widget, you can find out here in our manual.


Task creation user rights

With the new 1Tool Version the assignment of new user rights was introduced. It is now possible to restrict the creation of project tasks for corresponding user groups and instead only allow the creation of tasks for contacts and opportunities.

This prevents you from exceeding planned project times and always keeps an eye on your projects and activities.

You can find this setting under Master Data - User Rights, by ticking the checkbox next to "Tasks"Create contact and opportunity tasks"Activate.

Personalization of your 1Tool access

As soon as a new one 1Tool Client is created for you and a user in 1Tool logs in, the user interface can be customized and tailored to your everyday business.

After logging in, a pop-up window appears where you can enter important data directly so that you can start using it immediately 1Tool to start the software. The adaptation of colors and logo is also possible immediately after logging in.