New 1Tool Version 3.4.2 online!

1Tool | Polls widget

We are always concerned with the ongoing improvement and further development of our CRM software 1Tool engaged. With the new version 3.4.2, exciting and useful features are once again going online! We hope you enjoy testing the new functions and look forward to your feedback!



Optimizations polls module

With our survey module, you are able to query relevant information from employees, partners or customers both internally and externally. With the new version 3.4.2, this tool is now also available directly for contacts in the contact view.

For example, for projects or sales appointments, you can have a fixed catalog of questions in the 1Tool with your contact, which your sales staff will answer directly on site together with the customer - this is how you convince with essential faster and more efficient solutionsfor your target groups!

1Tool | Polls widget

In order for the tool to be available for your contacts, you must first activate the "surveys" create. You can of course choose whether the widget should display its own contact tab or appear within existing ones (e.g. master data). You can find more detailed information on how to create a widget here in our manual.

If the widget is integrated, you can use the corresponding button to complete the survey directly with the contact start and enter the results. If there are any changes afterwards or if you would like to carry out the survey again at a later date, you must ensure that the checkbox "Editable“ is activated.

The progress of your surveys is clearly displayed to your contact. By clicking on the magnifying glass you can view the exact questions and answers again.



New contact widgets

Other functions for the contact module are the HTML and the worksheet widget.

Similar to a contact's notes, thanks to the HTML widgets important information and details are recorded and saved with the contact. The difference to the notes: This widget can be stored with a contact as often as you like. For example, you create a widget titled "TO-DO". You can then edit this widget at any time by adding or editing information with a normal text editor.

In addition, the so-called Worksheets management widget for She creates, now also in the 1Tool allows easy creation and management of tables. As in an Excel program, you can store worksheets and tables with important data about your contacts.

1Tool | Contact widgets

Learn how to add a widget to a contact here in our manual.



Turnover/sales report by mail

With the new 1Tool Version 3.4.2 is now also a clearer Turnover or sales target report for mailing to disposal. This report will then be emailed to you every Sunday in the form of a structured Excel spreadsheet including graphic preparations.

Sales targets and sales per quarter of the current year as well as pipeline and forecast for the next 12 months are always visible.

1Tool | Sales Sales Reports Mail

You can make the settings for sending the sales target report by e-mail directly at the User Settings ihres 1Tool access. Under the Sales target section, check the box "Submit the sales goal report every week' and then save your changes.

1Tool | Sales Target Report


Linking Opportunity Stages to Status and Probability

With the new 1Tool Version, you can now easily link your opportunity phases with the status and probability of success of an opportunity. You no longer have to manually change the status or the probability when moving to another phase, but the defined data is automatically adopted for your sales opportunity.

For example: As soon as your opportunity reaches the "Offer" phase, you can define that the status is automatically "open" and the probability of success is 50%. If the offer is now accepted and the phase changes to "Order", the status and probability are also changed, for example to "Won" and 100%.

1Tool | Opportunities phases with success

You make the setting for this under Master Data - Sales - Opportunities - Opportunity Phases in front. Under the point "Connect Opportunity Status“ you define whether a sales opportunity is automatically set to Lost, Won or Open in the respective phase.

Check the box next to "Connect Opportunities to Success“ you can define the automatic probability of success for each phase.


Sales targets for products

Until now, you could only define sales targets for sales partners and employees (users). With version 3.4.2, sales targets for products can also be set in units per month. Under Master data - sales - sales opportunities - sales targets you can under the tab "Product Sales target in pieces“ Store your goals for the next few months by simply entering the desired number in the Excel spreadsheet.

1Tool | Sales Targets Products

The storage of your sales targets for your individual products is also displayed in your product reports. So have you under Sales - Opportunities - Reports - Product Reports in the 3rd table a structured listing of your product sales targets for the current year.