New bill

To create a new invoice, click Finances - Invoices - Create invoice.

The first thing you have to do there is select an accounting area (you can find out how to define accounting areas here here). Then you can choose the invoice date and either select an existing customer from your contacts or create a new customer in the same step.

1Tool | Invoicing 1

After that you can create an invoice line. For this you can either use the product search to link products with stored prices and descriptions (if products are in the 1Tool created) or you write the invoice items manually in the text or number fields.

Important: if you have completed an invoice item, it must be added with the "Add item" button at the bottom left and thus saved. Each position can also be deleted afterwards.

1Tool | Invoicing 2

Next you would also have the option to add a surcharge or discount. This can be assigned either numerically or as a percentage.

At the very bottom would be our free text fields - if these were taken into account in the template for the accounting area - to note one or the other paragraph on the invoice.

In order to complete the creation of the invoice, all you have to do now is select which action you would like to carry out (e.g. download the invoice PDF, etc.) and click on the "Generate invoice" button.

1Tool | Invoicing 3